08 December 2011

Meraki: Level 1 PCI DSS Certified

Retailers rely on us to provide a wireless solution that helps them meet PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) compliance requirements, and the feedback on some of our security features such as two-factor authenticationhas been very positive. Meraki has passed a level 1 PCI DSS v2 audit and earned the corresponding Report on Compliance (RoC), providing an additional layer of security for retail and other sensitive environments.

Out-of-band control

Customers have been using Meraki to build PCI-compliant networks for years, and since Meraki’s cloud architecture is out-of-band, our cloud is out-of-scope of a retailer’s PCI audit. However, we wanted to go above and beyond and deliver an additional level of reassurance. To increase our security, we submitted our cloud networking environment to a complete, on-site level 1 PCI DSS audit (the most rigorous audit level), including audits of our data centers.

Level 1 PCI DSS certified

Even though the Meraki data centers are out-of-band and thus out-of-scope for a retailer’s PCI audit, those who need to meet the requirements of a PCI audit now have the additional reassurance that Meraki’s out-of-band cloud networking architecture also meets those requirements. As the only cloud networking wireless provider to pass a level 1 PCI DSS v2 audit, we’re leading the way to provide the highest level of confidence for security-conscious customers, including those who are looking for infrastructure that meets the same PCI DSS requirements they must adhere to. This also streamlines the audit process for customers going through their own PCI DSS audit.
Meraki’s security features address all of the PCI DSS requirements and help customers to build and maintain a secure network, protect cardholder data, maintain a vulnerability management program, implement strong access control measures, and monitor network security. Retailers who use Meraki to maintain a secure retail environment include Starbucks, Burger King, United Colors of Benetton UK, Design Within Reach, and Applebee’s. You can read about their deployments, and other retailers’ deployments, at http://meraki.com/customers/retail.
Design Within Reach uses Meraki for secure WiFi at all 47 stores nationwide

01 December 2011

Granting Wireless Wishes this Holiday Season

What did you wish for this holiday season? Perhaps some shiny new Meraki WLAN features such as PCI reports, WIPS enhancements, group policies by device type, or Teleworker VPN split tunnels? If so, you’re in luck because our engineering elves have been hard at work. There’s something for everyone including retail, enterprise, education, and remote workers. Even better, these enhancements don’t cost you a thing. Thanks to our cloud-based architecture, there’s nothing you need to do to install or enable them. Just wait for them to show up intime for the holidays! For now, here’s a quick preview.

(Oh, if your wish is to build awesome features like these, then apply to join our Engineering Elves!)

PCI Compliance Reports for Retail

Meraki’s dashboard makes it simple to deploy a PCI compliant wireless network, and now we’ve taken it one step further. Our new PCI compliance reports check your network settings such as firewall rules and password policies against PCI requirements and present a summary report which you can print out. If something’s out of compliance, the report provides guidance on what changes need to be done. Bonus points: we’re also the only cloud networking wireless vendor topass a level 1 PCI DSS v2 audit.
PCI Report Ouput

WIPS Enhancements for Enterprise

Earlier this year Gartner rated Meraki as “Promising” in the 2011 MarketScope for Wireless LAN Intrusion Prevention Systems. Never one to disappoint, we’re delivering on that promise with the new ability to detect and visually map wireless intrusions including rogue APs and DoS attacks. Wondering who’s attacking your wireless network and where they are? Now you can quickly locate and physically remove the intrusions, or use the Meraki access points to wirelessly contain the rogue APs.
Group Policies by Device Type for Everyone
Last year we rolled out group policies, an easy way to automatically assign VLAN tags and firewall rules to specific groups of users. Teachers and students can connect to the same SSID, but based on their RADIUS or active directory groups, be assigned different policies. Now you can also auto-assign group policies to specific device types, so iPads or mobile phones might be restricted to web-only access, no matter who the authenticated user might be.
Group Policies by Device Type
Teleworker VPN Split Tunnel for Branch Offices and Remote Workers
Meraki’s teleworker VPN solution can be configured in a few clicks. Remote locations just plugin an access point and they instantly have secure access to corporate office resources. With the split tunnel enhancement, you can direct specific traffic to use the VPN tunnel while non-corporate traffic (YouTube, Netflix) stays local.
Split Tunnel for Teleworker VPN