03 February 2015

CRN says, "Memblaze fires up contract with Cloud Distribution"

Flash storage vendor hopes to secure 12 resellers in the UK through its partnership with Cloud Distribution

Cloud Distribution has signed up flash memory provider Memblaze, which it claims will give it a "better value proposition for the channel".

Memblaze provides high-performance application acceleration cards for server-side storage which aims to improve efficiency in latency – the amount of time it takes to transfer data to and from a drive.

Bruce Hockin, director of Cloud Distribution Storage, said this partnership offers a great opportunity to Cloud Distribution's resellers.

"Our competitors have traditionally gone down the OEM route, which means there is potentially significant market erosion, but we offer great margins for the channel with this product because we have gone down a different route to the market which is more attractive for the channel," he said.

"It's a no-brainer for us and for our partners," he added. "It's a very strong technical proposition and a great value proposition for the channel as well."

Cloud Distribution is Memblaze's first distie signing since it touched down in the UK four months ago.

Ron MacLeod, vice president of business development at Memblaze, said the vendor is hoping to get on board 12 resellers through Cloud Distribution and is looking to sell "99 per cent" through the channel.

"We have partnered with Cloud because they have a long history and association with cloud computing and that's very important for us because our products fit very well into that scenario. Secondly, it is reinforced with the creation of the storage division of Cloud Distribution and it's a very good marriage for us," he said.

Memblaze is looking to expand into Europe and to appoint additional distributors in Europe with a view to secure new partners in France, Italy and Germany, MacLeod added.


Channel Pro says, "Cloud Distribution adds Memblaze to stable"

Cloud Distribution brings 'disruptive' flash storage vendor Memblaze to UK

Security, networking and storage distributor Cloud Distribution is has added flash memory manufacturer Memblaze to its growing line-up of vendors.

Founded in 2011, the Chinese firm produces high performance PCIe flash memory solutions. The distie, which will sell Memblaze through partners via its dedicated storage division, says the US firm is disrupting the flash memory space.

“Not only is it faster than anything I’ve seen in the market, it’s also a highly scalable, industrial-strength solution at a price point that delivers meaningful ROI for customers,” says Bruce Hockin, director for Cloud Distribution Storage.

“It is a simple product that solves a simple challenge – keeping up with the demand of high speed data processing at an affordable price. It’s also an important business enabler that delivers substantial value and therefore a great solution for partners to take to market.”

The distributor argues that traditional storage devices are struggling to keep up with not only the volume of data but also the increased demand for high speed data processing – while flash technology has fallen to a price point which makes it more accessible to a wider range of customers.

Cloud Distribution CEO Scott Dobson has previously spoken of the firm’s mission to introduce “disruptive, innovative security and networking technologies to the UK”. Memblaze joins similarly disruptive storage vendors such as DataCore, Talon Storage, NexGen and Maxta in the Cloud Distribution stable.

“Our flash solutions, significantly improve ROI, enabling customers to not only run their operations more productively and process data more faster and smarter, we also help them to more effectively sweat their assets and get more out of their software estate,” says Ron Macleod, VP EMEA business development, Memblaze.

“The technology is more relevant to a broader audience and you don’t have to take out a second mortgage to buy it. Therefore Cloud’s partners will be able to make strong margins especially as we have a 100 percent channel policy.”


MicroScope says, "Cloud Distribution bolsters storage options"

Cloud Distribution has hit the ground running this year and has signed up its second vendor of 2015 as it starts to add to its storage portfolio just months after it decided to add that specialism alongside its networking and security expertise.

The distributor only cut the ribbon on its storage unit last November and hired industry veterans Bruce Hockin and Grant Reddin to head the division and build relationships with next generation technology vendors in the storage and virtualisation areas.

One of the next generation areas in the storage market is around the innovative uses of flash technology and that is where the distributor has opted to expand its roster with Memblaze, which joins DataCore, Talon Storage, NexGen and Maxta in the portfolio.

The flash memory specialist has been around for four and half years and has developed a solution that helps customers ensure stable application performance by drawing on the speed of flash when required.

Ron Macleod, VP EMEA business development at Memblaze, said that it was just entering the European market and had made the decision to use the channel and work with resellers.

"Midway through last year we decided to expand out international business and we want to be 95 to 99% channel," he said.

Hockin, director for Cloud Distribution storage, said that it had done its research on Memblaze and the state of the flash market and believed that there was a strong opportunity for resellers.

"There is very good ROI on the technology and people don't want to take something that will be a challenge to sell," he added "Most of the partners that we are working with will get it."

Last month, Cloud Distribution was signed up by operational intelligence specialist TIBCO LogLogic as the vendor looked to widen its channel base in the UK.