02 October 2012

Cloud Distribution - Reykjavik Partner Incentive

Full Steam Ahead to Reykjavik

NOVEMBER 30-DECEMBER 02 - Put it in your diary !!!


Here at Cloud, we believe in working hard and playing hard. We also believe in incentivising our partners to achieve joint goals. With this in mind, we'd like to introduce our Q4 promotion to Reykjavik, Iceland! The promotion is open to all partners and will run from October 1st to November 16th (inclusive). Contact your Account Manager on 01635 800410 for further details.


Depart Friday 30th November from Heathrow to Reykjavik for a 3 day, fun packed trip of discovery. We'll be staying at the 4* Radisson Hotel Reykjavik - http://www.radissonblu.com/1919hotel-reykjavik. We'll spend 2 nights in the Islandic capital before returning midday Sunday 2nd December.

As part of the all-expenses paid trip, you'll be able to choose between two or three of the following fantastic activities:

Swim in the Blue Lagoon


Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s most visited sites with more than 400,000 visitors annually. The lagoon is 5000m2. At each time the lagoon holds six million litres of geothermal seawater all of which is renewed every 40 hours. Blue Lagoon’s guests actually bathe between two continents as the Euro-Asian and American tectonic plates meet at the Blue Lagoon. Blue Lagoon has been awarded the Blue Flag environmental recognition granted to beaches and marinas and displays the Blue Flag on premises all year around. The Blue Lagoon has also been chosen Best Spa in Scandinavia by SpaFinder and the best Best Medical Thermal Spa by Conde Nast Traveller and recently chosen one of 25 wonders of the world according to National Geographic. 

Dog Sledding


Dog sledding is great fun. It's an activity gaining popularity, and is a real treat for anyone wanting an adrenaline rush. Dog sledding does not create any air or noise pollution, and the silence is a true gift – a life enhancing moment to treasure. Dog sledding tours provide a unique opportunity to combine an adventure and sightseeing experience.  Note: You have the option of visiting the dog kennel. 

The Golden Circle


We start out by a visit to the national park at Þingvellir. Þingvellir is a site and place where Icelanders forget their national identity. Þingvellir is a unique geological place where the tectonic plates of N-America and Euro-Asia meet in a very visible way. We drive on over the Lyngdalsheidi, where outlaws used to roam and onwards to the Geysir area, a unique area with numerous wonders of geo-thermal water, and then on towards the Gold falls. A water fall of sheer beauty. Taking a separate route back to Reykjavik we pass by the waterfall Faxi on route to “Kerið”. A crater created in a somewhat different way then we would mostly imagine. With ample time for stops and photo shoots this day-tour contains some of the most popular and beautiful sights Iceland has to offer. Guarantied to leave you with lasting memory for a lifetime.

Authentic Icelandic Cuisine


LOCAL CRITIC'S REVIEW - If you want nouveau or fusion cuisine, look elsewhere. This old-guard restaurant is on the second floor of a century-old gentry townhouse, and the velvety curtains and brass chandeliers are a welcome relief from all the hip, minimalist interiors elsewhere in the fine-dining register. The menu's subtitle of "pure Icelandic" refers to native ingredients, not the dishes, which are honest French peasant fare with decent portions and hearty sauces. Lamb is always a safe choice in Iceland: Locals tend to order the filet of lamb Dijon with mountain thyme crust, lamb shank comfit, and dill glaze; while visitors tend to order the fall-off-the-bone tender lamb shank with creamed vegetables and red wine. The wine list is exceptional, and the spacious bar on the third floor is a wonderful spot for an after-dinner cognac.

Aurora Borealis AKA The Northern Lights


When is the best time to see the northern lights?
The northern lights are visible under dark skies between the months of September to April, preferably under a clear, cloudless sky. Usually seen between 5pm and 2am, it is important to be away from artificial light. No month guarantees better sightings than another but December to February offer the longest hours of darkness, while the months of autumn and spring are likely to offer more stable weather conditions and often see more aurora activity.
We are now in the period known as 'Solar Max'. This means that sunspot activity which produces the aurora borealis is heightened, offering more chances to see the northern lights. The Solar Max happens every 11 years in accordance with the solar cycle.

Cloud Distribution - Reykjavik Partner Incentive

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