27 November 2012

Cornell University keeps commuter connected through rural cellular blackspots

Pepwave Helps Keep Cornell University Commuters Stay Connected

Ivy League Cornell University maintains a main campus in Ithaca, New York and a medical campus in New York City. To assist staff and students in travelling the 225 miles separating these campuses, Cornell offers an express bus service. While many commuters would prefer to get some work done during in the just over four-hour ride, the route is very rural and cellular connectivity can be somewhat hit and miss.

To keep the commuters online and productive, Cornell officials knew they needed a solution supporting multiple carriers and offering seamless failover. After considering the options, they chose the Pepwave MAX 700 multi-cellular router with SpeedFusion™ technology.
  • Deployment: MAX 700 (bus) and Balance 380 (main campus)
  • SpeedFusion bonds bandwidth from multiple wireless providers with seamless failover
  • Winning factors:
    • Provides a reliable, high-bandwidth mobile hotspot even in rural areas
    • Eliminates dead zones and provides uninterrupted mobile Internet anywhere
    • Top-level performance with ROI in two months
Learn Why the MAX 700 Gets an A+ in Mobile Connectivity
Fast, dependable, and tough, the MAX 700 is a complete mobile connectivity solution that keeps everyone productive on the road, even when travelling through rural areas. Learn more about the Pepwave MAX 700 or any of the other solutions available, contact your Cloud Distribution Account Manager or take a look here

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