01 July 2011

Expand Networks is delighted to sponsor the 2011 Ashton Metzler Application and Service Delivery Handbook by Jim Metzler - PART 3

The Application Delivery Handbook 2011 will be published and released in a series of publications. This is the third of the series of publications and consists of two sections – one on planning and one on management.

The primary goal of the planning section is to provide a central focus in the handbook for planning activities which include:

Identifying company’s key applications and services and establishing SLA’s for these applications and services.
Application Performance Engineering (APE), to help IT organizations reduce risk and build better relationships with business managers.

The management section aims to create a framework that IT organizations can modify and adopt in their environment. Successful Application Performance Management (APM|) requires a top down and tightly co-ordinated approach that is based on the on the integrated management of both the applications itself and as well as the end-to-end IT infrastructure must focus on the end user experience of the application or service.

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