29 July 2011

More Insight at Your Fingertips with Real-Time Tools

We’re continuing to integrate new tools into dashboard, and we recently added additional live information for each AP: real-time channel utilization graphs. With live channel utilization views you can get an immediate clue into the load on the AP and RF interference, without having to go into full spectrum analysis view (though that’s also right in the dashboard, too).

Live Channel Utilization

When you click on the details of an AP, you’ll see a graph of channel utilization. Dual-band APs will show two graphs, one for 2.4 GHz and one for 5 GHz. The graphs show the utilization of each Wi-Fi channel used by the AP and the amount of non-802.11 interference present on the channel. The above graph was made simply using screenshots of the access point details page in dashboard. The real update rate is once every five seconds, but for clarity the update rate shown here is once every second.

Have you seen the other real-time tools available in dashboard? Use these to troubleshoot connectivity issues, ping APs and clients, run a spectrum analysis test…all without leaving your desk, right from your browser.
Spectrum analysis

Live spectrum analysis
Yes, you can run a spectrum analysis test right from within dashboard! And if you’re using dashboard from a mobile device, such as an iPad, this works from there, too.

Ping AP

Live ping AP tool
Ping AP lets you measure the round-trip time for packets sent from the Meraki Cloud Controller to the access point, and is a very easy way to verify connectivity and latency between them.

Meraki.com throughput

Live throughput to meraki.com
This tool runs a speed test between the AP and the Meraki Cloud Controller or the gateway AP.

Have you used these tools when monitoring and managing your network? Let us know if you have any feedback on it.

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