03 October 2011

Cloud Distribution outlines strategy

Distribution must add value or move aside says Dobson
Specialist distie Cloud Distribution is to add cloud based penetration testing service iViz to its portfolio as part of its plan to create a new type of VAD that avoids SaaS but embraces the channel to deliver the cloud management aspect of traditional sales.
Scott Dobson, MD and founder of Cloud Distribution highlights iViz and cloud managed wireless AP vendor Meraki as perfect additions to its portfolio. “[We partner] with vendors who deliver network infrastructure and security that is managed from the cloud in a multi-tenanted, multi tiered front end. That takes a lot of the complexity and management overhead that say a Cisco-based solution apply to their systems.”
Dobson believes that distributors that focus on just SaaS will face problems: “We don’t think there is a lot of value that distribution can add to SaaS,” he says, “If you’re a multimillion broadliner, the ability to aggregate services has value, but that’s not what we are about.”
The exclusive agreement with iViz will be formally announced over the next few months and Dobson is still looking to strengthen its portfolio based on a defined criteria. “What we looking for in the vendor community is a cloud management capability and focus on network infrastructure and security. To be honest with you, we are waiting for the market to catch up with our aspiration.”

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