15 January 2015

IT Europa says, "Cloud Distribution signs TIBCO LogLogic"

Cloud Distribution is signing TIBCO LogLogic in a further move into security analysis, where what has been a highly specialist area can reach further channels. Still a product mainly used by major enterprises, LogLogic6 looks into data to hopefully give a faster time-to-resolution for application and security incidents. It also provides proactive monitoring and control of application infrastructures and business-wide access to operational intelligence.

The first new vendor for Cloud Distribution in 2015, TIBCO LogLogic is part of US-based TIBCO Software which claims thousands of customers in the global top 2000 enterprises.

But is this a product for two-tier distribution, we put to Adam Davison, Director at Cloud Distribution? He says: “We need to educate more partners about this market. With the amount of data that organisations have to deal with there is a real need for company-wide operational insight. Other legacy SIEM and Log Management solutions are great for security and event management, but don’t really give customers a complete overview across their organisation that they can easily translate into graphical reports to gain valuable insight.

The primary markets are those looking for compliance in security- financial services is an obnvious one, but there is also the local goverment market to go after, says Steven Millard, who manages Loglogic in UK&I, Germany and Austria. In some ways Europe could see more growth than the US, says Tom Yates, in charge of Product Marketing. Stephen Millard had previous experience of channels at Wick Hill and decided that LogLogic needed more focus. The decision was therefore taken to appoint Cloud Distribution, for a proactive approach, partner enablement tools and support programmes and its ability to create the “right type of partner base in the UK to accelerate market adoption”. Cloud Distribution will work with its partner eco-system, primarily selecting resellers that supply solutions to enterprise customers at the operational or infrastructure level.

The competition is falling behind, engaged in IPOs etc, Tom Yates adds, so this is a good time to sign up partners – not a huge number, but significant. Probably this means around a dozen in the major markets. Between them Cloud Distribution and TIBCO LogLogic are planning a big drive to channels, not just directly, but with pull through from customer campaigns.


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