08 September 2014

CRN says "Cloud Distribution shoots to fourth in Tech Track 100"

Cloud Distribution has soared to fourth in the annual Sunday Times Tech Track 100 league table.

The Berkshire-based company, a distributor focused on cloud-friendly vendors, hit sales of £9.6m for 2013/14, with a three-year average sales growth of 181 per cent.

Co-founder and sales director Greg Harris said the firm's success is down to a focus on the company's message and "an understanding of what we do well and how we do it".

"We focus on a fairly select and well-qualified number of vendors and we go to market through a well-selected and well-qualified group of resellers, and we do that through a group of well-selected group of employees," he said.

"It's not being attracted by the next shiny ball, it's about staying true to what we do," he said.

Harris also commented that Cloud "has developed a range of services under the banner of Cloud Cover, and we are going to extend that so it covers all and every vendor we bring to the market".

Cloud Distribution has enjoyed a particularly profitable partnership with its largest vendor Meraki, boosted by its acquisition by Cisco in 2012.

But Harris does not believe that Cloud's success has been merely a result of this partnership with Meraki.

"While Meraki is an important vendor to us, it is not our only vendor and we are not solely reliant on it. Look at our portfolio of vendors and we have 12 vendors across our portfolio and occupy market positions that Meraki don't," Harris said.


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